Enjoy one of the best windsurfing spots in the world.

Spot description of Las Cucharas Lanzarote
Las Cucharas

Our location

• Lanzarote is located north-east of Fuerteventura. Situated north of the Canary Islands, the trade winds hits our island first. Therefore, the number of windy days is very high

• The Canary Islands are situated off the African coast. This grants for perfect climatic conditions.

• Direct flights every day from all over Europe including low cost as Ryanair, vueling, Easyjet, Condor, etc.

• Costa Teguise is situated 20 minutes from the airport. It's a central point to explore the whole island. From the club you are at 20 minutes from the west coast and 40 minutes from the north and the south.

• Las Cucharas is the main beach of Costa Teguise, with bars, restaurants, shops and facilities directly on the seafront. Perfect for family holidays

• The beach is perfect for the whole family. Different to other windsurfing beaches in the Canary Islands like Tenerife or Fuerteventura, it is quite and well protected from the wind so non windsurfer can enjoy their holidays too.

• Large bay, perfect for beginners and advanced; reef for good sailors and experts.

• Have a chilled beer and freshly prepared food. Just relaxing around our water sports environment (The guys in Poco Loco, the bar next to our club are surfers and they know what you need!)

Wind conditions in Lanzarote
Wind conditions

Wind & Weather

• The trade winds of the Canaries are NE and are created by static pressure systems.

• High pressure over the Azores and low pressure over the Sahara.

• This happens regularly from April to September, with the most consistent conditions in June, July and August.

• NE trade winds can start in Portugal, creating a NE swell.

• NE wind happens all year, it is just more irregular from November to March.

• Water temperature from 18º degrees to 24º, the hottest months being September, October and November.

• The air temperatures between 17º and 30º degrees.

Sailing conditions in Las Cucharas - Lanzarote
Sailing Conditions

Sailing Conditions

• NE trade winds mean side shore wind in Las Cucharas, from the left.

• This provides Ssheltered conditions in the bay for beginners, medium wind for intermediate and an acceleration on the reef upwind for the experts.

• The launch area is sand, with a designated channel to go in and out.

• With the shape of the island and with NE trade winds, the wind will be lighter and a bit more north until 12.00 pm, making it perfect for beginners. They will increase and turn side shore, peaking between 12.00 and 18.00 making it perfect for advanced.

• With this effect, it also gives various wave sailing conditions, morning and late afternoon for frontside wave riding. Middle of the day for massive jump sessions.

• The flat water in the bay is perfect for kids, beginners and for training manoeuvres.

• The main reef creates large waves but also creates an intermediate sailing area in front of the bay.

• The reformed waves on the inside reef are perfect for an introduction into wave sailing.

• The bay is deep, so no breaking waves until the shore. Due to the structure of the sailing beach and channel, there is a sheltered area to go in and out of the water.

• Las Cucharas is known for it's large friendly waves.